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Hello I’m Amy – owner of Amjenn Designs.

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I offer personalised, bespoke website and graphic design services.

While studying my Bachelor of Technology I discovered my love for Website Design. I began creating websites for friends and family, until eventually my services became under such demand that I thought … “I could make something of this!”

Soon my website design expanded to Graphic Design, as the majority of my clients were (and still are today) small start-up businesses in need of a full branding and website package.

Staying on top of trends and technology is important, which is why I also offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Analytics, Web Host transfers,  Social Media packages, Integration + lots more.

I offer these services while continuing to obsess over everything digitally creative, while working full time as an IT Project Manager / Business Analyst by day.

So please peruse my portfolio and be sure to drop me a line whenever you please!

xx Amy